About Us

We are a microbusiness located in Memphis, TN. “We” is basically me, John Madsen. I have been making different forms of art and jewelry for about 15 years. In the past, I have done silversmithing and small-scale wood sculpture, and I also do abstract watercolors.

I became fascinated by enamel work after seeing an exhibit at the National Ornamental Metal Museum here in Memphis. “Enamel”, in this context, is derived from the words “en amel” in French, meaning “in glass”. In the medium I work in, this means specially formulated glass that has been fused to a metal background, with areas of colored glass forming  a design. (Be advised that the word “enamel” is also used to describe work done in plastic resins, as well as paint). It occurred to me that there might be a method that would allow someone to combine the visual properties of enamel with the precision and consistency of digital graphics. I began to explore materials and techniques, and after several years devised the method that I use now.

The pieces in the shop and the prices quoted are for consumer-direct retail. I’m also hoping to develop wholesale business – please contact me for pricing info and quantities available.

I can also do custom designs from digital artwork. I can begin with a color image, but will convert it to black and white. Logos, symbols and photographs are suitable for custome work – please contact me with inquiries.

So – at this point in my life I’ve recently retired from the day job I’d held for quite a while. I hope to use this work as a means for connecting with like-minded folk, to provide customers with “ahh…” moments, and as a means for continually challenging my own  curiosity and artistic sensibility.


Peace and love to you and yours – john



Website: http://dylan-blue.com
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